Q: Who does DSS sell to?

a. We will sell to anyone, however due to our business model, our primary customers are Landscape professionals that will be ordering larger quantities of material.

Q: Can I “will call” material or send in my own truck?

a. No, we do not offer a will call option as almost all deliveries will be direct from a quarry to the jobsite. We do not have a centralized yard with all of the material.

Q: Do you have a minimum purchase requirement?

a. 1 ton, however certain materials become quite cost prohibitive when ordering under 10 tons of material. Pricing is directly related to the quantity being ordered.

Q: How much do boulders weigh?  

a. Read More Here and use the chart below to help. You can also use the boulder calculator linked to each individual boulder in the product finder

Q: What types of trucks do you use for delivery?

a. Dump trucks are the primary way material will be delivered however there is much more to it than just that. Read more and see pictures of the trucks here:Trucking Blog Post w/ Photos

Q: Why is shipping so expensive?

a. Whether it’s 1 ton or 25 tons of material, the delivery truck is going to the source of the material(the quarry) and then to the jobsite. The current cost of diesel fuel, time and distance of travel are all factors in freight cost. Don’t think of google mileage in your sedan, remember that empty, this is a 20+ ton truck navigating through busy freeways and city streets.

Q: How is your material packaged? (bulk/loose or palletized- link to blog post elaborating)

a. Loose= dumped out in a pile from a dump truck

b. palletized= material packaged in a large bag or basket that sits on a pallet. Delivered with a forklift and placed at the curb

Q: Does Rock change colors over time?

a. Yes and No. YES- Rock can arrive dirty. It may take a rinsing or rain cycle to show the true color of the rock. 

b. NO=That color will stay the same for as long as we are alive.

c. YES= the quarry may hit a vein that produces a change in appearance to the rock. So, if you installed a certain rock 5 years ago and need some more to match it, the vein may have changed so getting an exact match may not be possible. 

More reading Here in section #3

Q: Do you offer installation?

a. No. We offer material and curbside delivery

Q: When should you NOT purchase from DSS?

a. If your project is very small or the exact product is not important to the success of the project, you are probably better suited ordering from your local landscape supply yard. In general DSS is organized to best serve the professional landscape contractor community working on larger scale projects.

Q: What areas of the United States do you serve?

a. While we occasionally ship material to all areas of the United States,  our home state of California is where we shine at supplying landscape stone.

Q: Where is your retail yard where I can come to visit?

a. We do not have a physical retail yard where we stock material. Our whole business model is based on quarry to jobsite direct shipments so we don’t have to touch the material several times. Read our About Us section for more detail.



Q: How do I determine the amount of decorative stone I need to order?

a. Decorative Stone Solutions has made this process accurate and easy with the development of our coverage calculator tool. All you need to come prepared with is the square footage and depth to be installed and the calculator will do the rest.  The result will be the number of tons needed for your project.  Every one of our products’ densities have been measured in-house, ensuring you end up with the most accurate calculation in the industry.  *Note* We do not sell by the cubic yard as all material produced at quarries is measured in tons

Q: How deep should I need to install my rock? 

a. 98% of the time our products are being used as a loose ground cover material.  The minimum depth is the number in inches it takes to cover the sub base 100%.  This is sufficient for areas where the stone is being used for decoration only purposes, but if installing in an area that will get occasional foot traffic, it is a good idea to install at a greater depth.   The minimum depth for a given product can be found on our coverage calculator for the specific size of product chosen.


Q: How do I calculate the cost of purchasing rock from Decorative Stone Solutions

A: To calculate the cost of purchasing stones from Decorative Stone Solutions, please utilize our coverage calculator function to add the 

required amount of stone to your quote (Cart) and submit the request to DSS.  We will then get back to you with an estimate for your project or follow up to gather any other necessary info prior to quoting.  You can also reach out to us by phone (800) 699-1878 or email: 


Pricing will alway be dependent on the quantity requested and the location it must be delivered to.  Our favorite saying is “Rock is cheap, moving it around is expensive”

Q:Can you please explain the $, $$, $$$ pricing structure on your website?

a. This system helps determine how various products stack up price wise in comparison to others. When entering our website you are prompted to choose the location of your project.  Depending on what is selected, our products will be organized with a single $ meaning least expensive, double $$ meaning mid range, or triple $$$ meaning the most expensive.  This does not indicate a specific price range.




Q: What is the process for ordering and receiving stone from Decorative Stone Solutions? 

a. Contact Decorative Stone Solutions to discuss your project and receive a quote. 

b. Accept the estimate verbally or electronically in our customer portal

c. Place your order by providing a Purchase Order or payment information (Depending on your payment terms with DSS) and specifying the quantity, size, and type of stone needed.

d.Decorative Stone Solutions will ship the stone directly from the quarry to your specified address. 

e. Inspect the stone to ensure it meets your requirements prior to driver unloading it from truck.



Q: Are there any special delivery instructions I need to provide when ordering decorative stone?

a. A majority of our products are delivered loose in bulk with dump trucks. Your project site must allow various types of dump trucks to safely back into a dump landing area which is either flat or slightly uphill or downhill (No sidehill offloads).  The area must be clear of overhead obstructions so the dump bed can rise safely without interference. We also require that a representative is present to accept material delivery and instruct drivers where to offload material.

Q: Can I order samples before purchasing?

a. Absolutely!  especially since we have a strict no return policy.  For the commercial designers out there we encourage you to add one of our Sample Box Sets to your product library.



Q: Is rock washed before shipping?

a. No, rock is packaged and shipped in an unwashed form.  Material will be shipped direct from an operating quarry where conditions are dusty and dirty and chances are, the rock will be dirty. A quick rinse with the hose or a rain shower will bring out the true colors of your product.  Angular crushed rock will have considerably more fines (rock dust) than a round rock due to the crushing and screening process.

Q: Why does the stone I received look slightly different in shape, color, or size than the images on the website?

 a. All of our material are products of nature and therefore there is the inherent risk that the physical characteristics of a material can change over time and various extraction sites.  It is best practice to order all the material needed for a project at the same time.  This minimizes that chance of receiving a slightly different looking product if ordered several months/years later. 

Q: What is your return or refund policy?

a. We are unable to offer returns or refunds on any of our products that have been accurately delivered.