How To Request Sample Boxes

This set of 4 Decorative Stone Solutions sample boxes are a wonderful tool for any designer making product selection decisions on a landscape stone project. We offer this set of four boxes along with a useful bookshelf organizer rack free of charge to qualified design offices and installation contractors who regularly work on projects requiring 10 tons or more of this type of landscape stone in our geographic area.

Click here to submit an electronic request for a set of boxes for your firm’s library *We will follow up with any requests within 48 hours, to ensure your firm and DSS would be suitable business partners prior to sending out sample box set.*

Product images are intended to give viewer a general feel for a stone’s fundamental characteristics. We strongly suggest requesting physical samples prior to final product selection. Please recognize variations in color, size, and texture are inherent to all natural stone products and are not the responsibility of Decorative Stone Solutions.

Northern California

Southern California