How much do Landscape boulders weigh?

Boulders are a great way to enhance your landscape design. Whether it accomplishes the aesthetic you're going for or for practical purposes like seating or barriers for safety purposes, boulders can be quite versatile.


How much do they weigh though?


This can be important for a couple of reasons. One is pricing. Boulders are typically sold by the ton so it is important to know how much each boulder weighs so you can have an idea on how much the project will cost.

The other reason is for logistics on the job. You will want to have the right equipment on site to move your boulders around and place them.


Decorative Stone Solutions has developed 2 very important tools to help you be prepared when it comes to planning for your next boulder project.


The biggest and most powerful resource you have is the DSS Coverage Calculator.

Almost all of the DSS Boulders will have a coverage calculator that displays the available sizes for that specific boulder.

Go to the boulder you are planning on using and click on the Coverage Calculator and just add however many pieces of each size you are planning for.

Once you have entered the piece count for each size, you will see the estimated weight in tons for each size as well as a total estimated tonnage for all sizes combined.

Additionally, here is a quick reference chart for each size. Please note that boulder estimates are just that. Since boulders are a product of nature, there will be variations in size and shape. A 3 foot boulder most likely not going to be 3’x3’x3’. Consider the boulder size being the largest size in any one dimension. For example, a 3’ boulder will have at least one dimension being 3’ but the other dimensions may be 2’ or anything less than 3’.

*Actual weight will be +/- 20% from this weight and will be reflected on final invoicing.  Please understand boulders are a product of nature and therefore will have significant size variances. DSS cannot guarantee requested size will match actual size because of this.

If there are ever any unanswered questions on landscape boulder weights, the types of equipment necessary to safely handle them, or available sizes please reach out to the knowledgeable sales team here at Decorative Stone Solutions.

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