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When we quote your product, you can rest-assured that we have secured the correct truck line for your specific material. We will always ask you if a jobsite has any access issues, so we can plan accordingly.

Here are the trucks we most often use:

Truck and Transfer: the most common delivery truck for our products. They transport DG and Gravel. Capacity is 25 tons total, 12.5 each in the truck and the trailer box. The features of the truck allow it to drop the trailer, making it able to fit into tighter jobsites.

End Dump: typically delivers our boulders. Capactiy is 20-23 tons. Ample room on the jobsite is needed to manuver this truck, as it is 55' in length. A flat dump site is needed to avoid the truck tipping over. The jobsite must have a height clearance of 30' to deliver the load.

Super 10s: smaller end dump or dump trucks. Capacity is approximately 15-20 tons, depending on the material delivered. These trucks are shorter and more manuverable for jobsites with tight areas.

Flatbed Forklift: This trailer is ideal for delivering our supersacked and palletized products like our beautiful beach pebbles. A great feature of this deliver method is that the forklift arrives on the trailer, making it easy for the driver to unload the product.

Relay your load delivery questions back to us. We always ensure your order is properly quoted with the correct truck for your needs.

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