Also available in: Cobbles,

Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles are hand-picked from the beautiful beaches of Baja California, Mexico. The multi-colored pebbles feature a sparkling spectrum of grey, pink, red, buff, and black pebbles. This colorful blend will surely brighten any space they occupy. These pebbles are round and smooth in shape and texture. Since they are hand picked their size tends to be very consistent size and all but eliminates any irregular or fractured pieces.

Available Sizes
At Decorative Stone Solutions, you will get beautiful mixed beach pebbles in the given sizes:

½ to 1 inch
1 to 2 inches
2 to 3 inches

And in larger cobble form:


Pineapples (6"-10")


Multiple Uses of Mixed Beach Pebbles

Here at Decorative Stone Solutions we understand and appreciate we aren't selling a finished product.  While there are some accepted prescribed uses for this type of rock listed below, what we appreciate the most is the new and creative ways we constantly see our products are being utilized in the real world. 

Landscape and pathway borders
Walls: both masonry and gabion
Imbedded in concrete paving
Eye catching groundcover
Great for around and in water features and swimming pools