Also available in: Cobbles,

Buff Beach Pebbles from Decorative Stone Solutions typically tend to be creamy beige to light tan with a small percentage of pastel in color

In addition to the muted and refined earthtone color, the other key highlight Buff Mexican Beach Pebble is their naturally rounded and smooth finish. This texture makes the buff beach pebbles one of the most attractive landscaping stones on the market. Landscape architects, contractors, and interior designers all love the elegant color/texture combination of Buff Mexican Beach Pebbles.

Uses of Buff Beach Pebbles

Buff Beach Pebbles can be used to customize your project in numerous ways:

ü Organic groundcover replacement

ü  Erosion control

ü  Recreation of drystream beds

ü  Creating rock gardens

ü  Landscape and pathway borders

ü  Set in concrete for hardscape surfaces

ü  Walls and waterfeatures

Available Sizes

At Decorative Stone Solutions, we have buff beach pebbles in various sizes. The most popular sizes of these pebbles are 1/2"-1", 1"-2", and 2"-3". These sizes are suitable for spreading across smaller groundcover areas. Larger sizes such as 3"-5" or Pineapples (6"-10") are suitable for masonry or gabion walls as well as border for drysteambeds. i

*Note that Buff Mexican Beach Pebbles are more uniform in size compared to most other stones. However, you should always expect some degree of variations. In reality they are typically around 1 inch larger than the size designation would suggest.