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The black Mexican pebbles available at Decorative Stone Solutions are 100% natural stones that can help beautify any project. Architects, contractors and interior designers trust us for our commitment to quality and excellence. 100% natural stones pounded by the relentless surf, black beach pebbles develop a smooth rounded finish. This high end product is hand-picked from the beaches of Baja California. Also known as Black Mexican Beach Pebble, they are unique in their dark color, available sizes, and very round shape.

Black Mexican Beach Pebbles come in a color range (when dry) from medium gray to charcoal black, to an almost dull blue color. When this product is wet, it has a very dark grey almost black color where it derives its name from. This makes them ideally suited to mimicking the flow or water, recreating a lush tropical landscape, or a minimalistic modern landscape.

Available Sizes
At the Decorative Stone Solutions, we have a large inventory of black Mexican beach pebbles available at various sizes. The black Mexican beach pebbles are popular among contractors and landscapes.
Moreover, architects also use these pebbles to transform their project. That’s why we have black Mexican beach pebbles in varied sizes. The standard sizes of black Mexican beach pebbles available with us are:

    •    1/2 to I inch
    •    1 to 2 inch
    •    2 to 3 inch
    •    3 to 5 inch

The best part about the black Mexican beach pebbles is their ability to complement both indoor and outdoor environment.
Uses of Black Mexican Beach Pebbles
As one of the top landscape stone suppliers, we provide complete information to our customers. To be precise, black Mexican beach pebbles have wide applications in landscaping and interior decoration.
    •    The black Mexican beach pebbles are ideal for fountains and swimming pools. Moreover, you can use them in custom-built aquariums.
    •    You can create beautiful pathways in the garden.
    •    Makes your garden look elegant and class apart.

To learn more about our black Mexican beach pebbles, consult with us.