For a desired depth of 4", "recommended for new construction" field will require approximately 75 tons for a baseball diamond with grass infield and approximately 125 tons for a skinned infield.
All of our infield mixes are available as stabilized or non-stabilized. Stabilized mixes benefit's include; moisture control by absorbing excess moisture during periods of heavy thus reducing rainouts and during hot/dry conditions they hold onto water and reduce dust and bad hops.  Our blending rate is 8 # of stabilizer per ton of infield mix.  All natural infield mix's, regardless of the addition of stabilizer or not, should be watered in to consolidate the particles.  Fields on all new installations should be rolled to further compact, not necessarily for 95% compaction, but general firm compaction. This will also indicate high and low areas. We recommend laser grading by a contractor who specializes in ballfields.

*Please use compacted D.G. at a 4" depth as the application in our coverage calculator to determine the amount of material needed for your project.