Decorative Gravel is mechanically crushed rock of various origins characterized by its angular appearance. These angular sharp edges assist in locking the material together, making it a more stable surface than rounded material. Used mainly for decorative ground cover.

The unlimited options at Decorative Stone Solutions will help you whether you're trying to create a rustic driveway, enhance drainage, or spruce up your yard. Find the ideal type of decorative gravel for your garden by perusing our extensive selection of high-quality products.

What are Decorative Gravels?
If you're a novice, remember that decorative gravels require less maintenance than other landscaping materials and are inexpensive and straightforward. Whether it's a garden, drive, path, or pond, we can quickly alter it.

The Uses
Due to this, decorative gravels are an incredibly sought-after aggregate at DSS. There will be a gravel kind to fit your needs, regardless of whether your land is level, sloping, or uneven. With rising demand, our decorative gravels remain a top option.

A Gravel Selection
At DSS, we carry an extensive selection of colourful decorative gravel and rocks in various sizes to meet your needs. In addition, diverse varieties of gravel are better suited for different uses, making this a versatile product.

Decorated Gravel
Any outdoor space has a striking wow effect when covered in white gravel. With so many different types of colourful gravel, you can be creative when designing your decorative gardens and construct something that is genuinely individual to you.

How To Determine How Much Gravel You Need for Your Garden?
The question "how much gravel do I need?" is frequently asked. So, we created a helpful gravel calculator to make the math easier for you. Knowing how much you need is essential for avoiding running out, wasting, and unforeseen costs. The calculator will provide you with an estimate of the volume of gravel you'll need once you enter your area's length, breadth, and depth.

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