Landscape Boulders – An Inspirational and functional technique to add depth and scale to a landscape

DSS defines boulders as individual rocks that have a rough diameter of 1.5' or greater. They can be angular/broken in texture for a rugged look or rounded and smooth for a more finished appearance. We typically recommend that boulders get installed with one-third of the rock buried below grade. This simulates natural unearthing through erosion processes.

Available Sizes of Boulders:

The large majority of Decorative Stone Solutions boulders are pieces 5' or less in diameter. This is because handling and transporting anything larger requires specialty equipment, which increases price to the point where the very large pieces can be cost prohibitive.  That being said, we do have multiple varieties of boulders that are available in 6' and larger size, please contact us if you'd like more info on especially large pieces.

Landscape boulders are used with equal amounts of success to beautify residential, commercial, and institutional landscapes.  Don't be afraid to incorporate them into interior spaces as well where they make a real standalone statement.

Uses of Boulders:

Landscape Boulders have many uses:

  • Provide a natural visual aesthetic
  • Adding scale and texture to otherwise flat landscapes
  • Pool and water features- diving rocks and waterfall material
  • Delineating borders of pathways and dry stream beds
  • Deterrent for traffic- use them as bollards to keep pedestrian and vehicular spaces separated.
  • Play structures- obstacles and climbing rocks for kids
  • Benches and amphitheater seating
  • Site wall and retaining wall material
  • Many more.  The uses are only limited by your imagination.

Consult us today if you want to implement unique landscaping ideas with boulders and allow us to assist you with choosing the type that is right for your project.

Don't miss our informational video on the ins and outs of specifying landscape boulders on your next project here

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