Tustin Residence

On this project the homeowner wanted to give their yard a “tune up” as well as remove some existing turf and replace it with a more drought tolerant type of planting.  The concept was to create a design that would make someone feel as if they were in the countryside when they approached the home, giving a peaceful relaxed feeling.  The home had an existing low stone wall as well as a large pepper tree we wanted to work with, the goal was to give the impression that the stone had been taken from the dry creek bed that ran around the tree and was used to build the wall.

Quote from Homeowner/Desiner: "Working with Decorative Stone Solutions we were able to select rock that blended seamlessly with the existing stone on the wall helping to achieve the goals we had set out to reach.  Not only does all of the stone look beautiful together, but the design also captures any rain or runoff water from the yard allowing it to settle in the basins and be absorbed back into the earth creating a functional bio swale. I see Decorative Stone Solutions as an invaluable partner anytime stone / rock is being used on a project, the amount of resources they have coupled with their knowledge and freight services make them a truly first class vendor.  On this project they were able to help with the specification of the stone making sure that not only would it match the existing material but worked out percentages of different sized stone so that the creek bed would have a natural appearance."


Design by: Chris Brooksby Designs

Install by: Silverwood Construction