Randy Jurgensen


First of all, thank you for your interest in Decorative Stone Solutions (DSS)!  I am the founder and president of this organization, a third-generation landscaping stone veteran, happy husband, and proud father of two. The journey started as free summer labor at dad’s retail stone yard, I would get to do all the grunt work around the yard. It wasn’t long before I escaped the hard labor and went on to college and earned a BS in Exercise Physiology. After a short stint in that field, I naturally migrated back to my roots, doing what I was good at, playing with rocks.

I began as an overeducated stone yard assistant helping load customer’s vehicles, then moved on to simple homeowner sales, transitioning later to contractor sales, and finally an architectural representative.  I’ve had the unique opportunity of experiencing most every scenario the stone industry has to offer, worked for some of the best companies in the Southern California market, and have been mentored by the most knowledgeable individuals in the field. This practical experience paired with knowledge accumulated during rigorous certification courses and continued education has provided me with a thorough understanding of the entire landscape construction process. 

As landscaping stone’s popularity has increased in recent years, the industry has seen a proliferation in the number of stone vendors.  Unfortunately, the knowledge base of these dealers has lagged far behind their numbers. I recognized the need for a landscaping stone specialist that can be the industry’s single source for information and procurement of material, hence the birth of DSS in the summer of 2007.  The business model for Decorative Stone Solutions Inc., was created to address the needs of all project participants. We look forward to the opportunity to prove our value to your organization.