Black Beach Pebble

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100% natural stones pounded by the relentless surf, black beach pebbles develop a smooth rounded finish. This high end product is hand-picked from the beaches of Baja California. Also known as Black Mexican Beach Pebble, they are unique in their dark color, available sizes, and very round shape.

Black Mexican Beach Pebbles come in a color range (when dry) from medium gray to charcoal black, to an almost dull blue color. When this product is wet, it has a very dark grey almost black color where it derives its name from. This makes them ideally suited to mimicking the flow or water, recreating a lush tropical landscape, or a minimalistic modern landscape. This is a perfect complimentary product to the smaller Charcoal Pebble which is not available in sizes this large.


Uses Include:

  1. Modern Landscape groundcover
  2. Pathways
  3. Planters
  4. Dry streambed
  5. Water features 
  6. Many more