Hand Seeded Concrete Aggregate: Heavy vs. Light

Decorative exposed aggregate on concrete begins as a painstaking process. Although it is very meticulous and time-consuming, it ultimately produces beautiful decorative concrete pieces in the end. This decorative concrete option is best used in outdoor spaces such as walkways, driveways, at poolsides, and even as lining in-between other flooring options. There are many benefits to exposed aggregate concrete as it is weather-resistant, slip-resistant, and cost-effective for the stylish end result.

D.G. Doesn’t Always Mean Weed Free

Decomposed granite, commonly referred to as D.G., is a small, fine material that is best used for ground cover on walkways, pathways, driveways, and garden trails. Their sizes range from 3/8” inches down to rock dust and this mixture of sizes allows for the correct blend of large particles “strength”, medium sizes “space filler”, and fines “binders”, to come together for a stable surface once wet and compacted. They can be the preferred option for ground cover not only because of their attractive design and style but also because of the low maintenance they provide. Because of this, D.G.

2019 Holiday Gift from DSS

As an appreciation, our top business partners will be receiving a unique holiday gift created from our Blue Ice Landscape Glass!

These one of a kind business card holders were professionally etched by La Jolla Stone Etching and cut by ADP Granite in San Marcos.

We are grateful for the wonderful business relationships we have. And we wish you all the happiest of holidays!



DSS offers GraniteCrete for Commercial Projects


We are excited to announce that GraniteCrete is now available! We are the first and only commercial distributor in Southern California, and we are ready to help with your projects. The GraniteCrete product holds up much better than standard stabilized D.G. while maintaining its permeability and is ADA compliant. The sustainability aspect of the product is ideal because it contains no artificial pigments of synthetic stabilizers.

What does Dry Screened Product mean?

That beautiful load of stone enhances your project and sets the stage for the wow-factor! Isn’t it interesting to discover the different ways rock is filtered for size? And what it looks like while at the quarry?

A Dry Screened product means that the material typically passes through different screen sizes filtering the product for size along the way without being washed. Without the water element, there will be dust or fines and dirt that are part of the process.

DSS presents Special Effects Award

Congratulations to Garden Butterfly on her multiple awards for the 2019 CLCA Beautification Awards for the Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley chapter!

We are excited to have the opportunity to present her with the Special Effects Award for the Pollinator Paradise project, for creative use of unique materials and/or methods.

Thank you to the California Landscape Contractors Association for allowing us to sponsor this category award. It is always a pleasure to see these awards being presented for the amazing creativity on the projects.